Awesome beaches around Palolem

Walk just a few minutes away from the famous Palolem beach to find yourself alone with nature. Patnem, just north of Palolem, looks quite similar to its famous neighbour but is more low-key. South of Patnem stretches pristine Rajbag beach and Goa-s hidden gem: picturesque Talpona River delta.

A tip of Rajbag Beach in Goa with whte sand, broad backwaters with fishing boats, a line of palm trees and a hazy outline of the whole Western Ghat mountain range far in the horizon
Full Western Ghats panorama from the Talpona River delta

Beaches south of Palolem

Although pretty, Palolem can get a bit congested. If you want to escape the crowds, all you need to do is to have a pleasant walk along the beach. After half an hour, you won’t believe you’re so close to one of the most popular Goan beaches.

Large boulders surround entirely Colomb beach cove, from where a white strip of Palolem beach and forest clad hills are visible.
Palolem beach seen from Colomb beach

Colomb beach

Colomb beach is a tiny rocky beach divided into two small coves, hidden away from Palolem behind a tiny hillock. It’s a great place to enjoy the sunsets. You can find some simple and no doubt cheaper accommodation on that beach.

Rocky Colomb beach, a little cove with small fishing boats and a peninsula covered with tall palm trees
Second cove of the Colomb beach with a fishing village

If you continue past both coves of the Colomb beach and cross a fishing village, you will reach Patnem beach.

The author walks on a shady dirt road between Colomb and Patnem beaches, unused boats on her left
A ten minute walk through the fishing village will take you from Colomb Beach to Patnem Beach

Patnem Beach

Patnem beach is a long stretch of white sand, lined with palm trees. There are shacks all along the beach, though, unlike Palolem, there aren’t many restaurants around. The sea is not as calm as in Palolem, but it is possible to swim in the northern part of Patnem. Patnem is a preferred choice for the elderly Westerners and families with children.

Wet sand and smooth, blue waters of the Patnem beach, a line of palm trees with half-obscured beach huts in the background
Patnem’s water is calm and suitable for swimming, too

Rajbag Beach

If you carry on along Patnem, past a small stream and a huge rock, you arrive at even longer Rajbag Beach. At the time of our visit, there wasn’t a single soul along the entire stretch of this sandy beach. Casuarina trees offer plenty of natural shade. A luxurious resort with a golf course is hidden away more inland, but you wouldn’t even guess it, walking along the beach. The sea in Rajbag is too rough to enter, so you can only enjoy the views.

A white, virgin, long strip of sand at the totally empty Rajbag beach with casuarina trees at the far end
Rajbag beach – a long stretch of sand with just our footsteps

Talpona River

The delta of the large Talpona River closes the Rajbag beach. The river is deep and fast-flowing, so the only way to continue to the next, Talpona Beach is via a bridge on the main road.

A girl swims in clear, blue waters of the Talpona River delta, surrounded with sandy Rajbag beach on one side and green mangroves on the other
Talpona river is perfect for swimming. And what a view you have!

The delta of Talpona river is one of my favourite places in Goa. The wide river makes a 90 degrees turn, creating a large pool of still, clean water. Far on the other side of the river, you can see mangroves with egrets, while the horizon is closed with a panoramic view of the Western Ghats. The combination of the river, the sea, the never-ending pristine sand beach and the mountain view is unparalleled. Most importantly, it’s Goa’s hidden gem – apart from us, just one lady was having a bath in the river.

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