I've been lucky enough to turn my passions (Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage) into a profession which gives me plenty of time to do what I love (like yoga and travelling). Yoga enriched and brought meaning to my life - after 15 years plus it hasn't ceased to be a source of fascination and novelty. Over the years, I shared the gift of Yoga with hundreds of students. I could witness how Yoga has transformed them, not only on physical but also emotional and spiritual levels. The wonderful Thai Yoga Massage has become a natural complement to Yoga: giving the treatments can create a very special connection with my clients and become a sort of meditation in motion. My third great passion are travels. Whether short or long, near or far, they always make me feel excited. I love being on the move and can't really 'grow roots' anywhere. My latest mission is to share with others the joy of discovering the world.